Cool Herringbone Hardwood & Tile Ideas for Your Home

Cool Herringbone Hardwood & Tile Ideas for Your Home

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Cool Herringbone Hardwood & Tile Ideas for Your Home

I came down to Flooring America today to visit my friend Ed and see what new products they have, and these caught my eye. These are a gorgeous engineered hardwood that’s set in a herringbone pattern. Let me show you. Now, what I love about wood like this is there’s a lot of grain in it, so it really helps hide things, you know, marks that you get from dogs, and dropped dishes, and whatnot.

Here are some tiles that I found that would work great in a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom. Let me show them to you. These tiles are fabulous. Look at the range of colors they come in. Just so great for today’s color palette. What I love about these is these are 3×6, just standard subway tiles, and this is the gloss, this is the matte, and then it comes in this lantern shape here, and you can see that comes on a mesh, so it’s really easy to set that lantern shape. These also come in a 4×16.

Let me show you what they did here. On the board here, it shows that in the background, they used the lantern shape, did a whole wall in it, and then on the other wall, over the vanity, they did the 4x16s, and they stagger-set them, so they offset them by 50%. I don’t know if you can tell that. Then they used a light grout. My guess is they used a light gray or they used the white to pull in the vanity. I’m not positive, but anyway, enough that there’s quite a bit of contrast there. Actually love this vanity and sink countertop. That whole combination’s beautiful.

This is another tile that caught my eye. This is fabulous. I would like this in my own kitchen backsplash. This would also be just gorgeous on a shower wall. What I would do is put this on the back wall, and then pick one of these colors here and get a 12×24, set that horizontally on the other walls. It would just be stunning. Then, look how these are really tight set. They’re micro-set here, but you still would need to grout it if it’s going in a water location, just to keep the water out. It’s a marble, so you’d want to seal it. Probably once a year, you’d seal this, but just beautiful!

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